In a matter of clicks, you can access hedging position data on over 40 public E&Ps, visually analyze how different commodity price assumptions impact cash flow and determine which companies stand to benefit the most (and least) from changes in prices. HedgeAware also incorporates reported financial, production, and realized commodity pricing data to provide insights into the industry’s financial health and help analysts better understand how hedging has affected operations and results.  Download data directly into Excel, and begin analyzing! No more hunting for data hidden away in filings and then retyping it.

HedgeAware makes it easy for analysts, portfolio managers, lenders, executives and others to quickly assess an individual company’s hedging position and determine what it means for future revenue, cash flow and potentially activity levels.

Decision-makers using HedgeAware gain a fast, accurate assessment of how a company’s hedging strategy impacts its financial health, providing a more complete understanding of risk, and how various hedging strategies have performed historically in ever-changing price environments. ​