Filter Across Dimensions

Quickly filter by company or group of companies, commodity type (oil, natural gas, ngls), reporting period, hedge type (swaps, collars, options, etc.), option type (put or call, long or short), date range, and more. 

Swap, Collar, and Option Drill Down Pages

Unique drill down pages for swaps, collars, and options enable detailed analysis of positions past, present, and futures. 

Basis Differentials

Know who has locked in oil and gas basis differential positions and at what price. Basis differentials are filterable by region and include index, volume, and price points.

Position Timelines, Rolling Correlations, and Swap + Collar Performance

Gain an analytical edge with HedgeAware’s built-in analysis pages.  

Position timelines display changes in positions over time, enabling users to see how strategies and positions have shifted over time and better understand how E&Ps view the market going forward.  

Rolling correlations track the relationship between changes in hedging positions, oil prices, CAPEX, and production volumes. For many companies, changes to hedging positions are a better indicator of future production volumes than prices.  HedgeAware helps you identify these relationships and gain insights into how outstanding hedging positions may affect future outcomes. 

As not all companies report the impact of derivatives on realized pricing, the swap and collar performance pages present the current and historical impact of oil swap and collar positions in dollar terms.  These pages show the $/unit and $/day impact of swap and collar positions over time on a company by company basis, allowing the user to quickly assess the revenue impact of said positions and quickly ascertain which strategies have performed best over time.  

Combining Financial, Production, and Realized Pricing Data

HedgeAware is about more than just commodity derivatives.  The platform incorporates key quarterly financial figures such as free cash flow, revenue, and CAPEX, as well as reported oil, gas, and ngl production data and realized price information for each company. 

HedgeAware’s financial visualizations in tandem with its filtering capabilities create a powerful financial analysis tool and enable users to easily gauge the financial health of dozens of E&Ps and analyze their financial performance over time.

The incorporation of production and realized pricing data provides key context to hedging and financial data.  Each company’s reported oil, gas, and ngl production volumes are tracked over time as well as the prices they realize with and without the impact of derivatives, where applicable. Realized pricing data provides insights into both hedging performance as well how companies are affected by wellhead discounts in their areas of operations. Also, one can view hedged share of production for each product and company to understand how companies are ramping up hedging activity over time or winding down. 

Exportable Data

Data from every table and visualization can be exported. This provides users with the ability to create their own unique analysis from HedgeAware’s wealth of data. 

CFTC Commitments of Traders

Want some insights into how E&Ps might be altering their positions in between earnings calls? HedgeAware’s Commitments of Traders page is updated weekly and provides detailed breakouts of oil and gas futures contract activity.